Noémi Wellness Apartman Siófok

Szuper Szállás - Noémi Wellness Apartman Siófok

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Exclusive private apartments, apartmenthouses with pool and WYLAN at the lake Balaton!

Indulj el, fedezd fel, légy ott és éld át! Itt kezdődik a Balaton!

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Siófok is the Capital of the Summer! We offer luxury apartments, guesthouses, and other vacation rentals on the Goldcost and on it's neighborhood. It is the most popular holiday destination in Hungary. Great beaches with organised programs, the Petőfi street with his nightlife, Beach Club/Plázs with concerts, the port with several tematik shiptours and all year round held festivals make the holiday more enjoyable.
Siófok is an ideal destination for families and for young people too. See the beauty of Balaton in every season! I hope you manage to find a suitable accommodation needs of our range.


I wish you a good searching, and if you have any question feel free to contact me!
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Timárné Reisz Nikoletta
Telefon: +36/20-573-6216